Aloetrade America Mission: Allow consumers to receive the benefits Mother nature offers in products made from aloe.

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Aloe Vera Products

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Aloe vera has been used along centuries for different internal and external uses in humans and animals. Today, the aloe plants are one of the richest sources of health for human beings, animals and vegetables, coming from mother Nature.

Aloetrade America LLC is a leading company involved into the aloe business with activities in North America, Central America and Caribbean, South America, Africa, Central Asia, Europe, Middle East and Southern Asia. Aloetrade America LLC is a supplier of aloe raw materials and aloe finished goods, for distribution to wholesale and retail.

Aloetrade America is a raw material supplier of aloe vera juices, aloe vera gel, aloe vera oil, aloe concentrates, aloe powders and specially designated aloe blends and aloe formulas to many industrial sectors, from nutraceutical, cosmeceutical, skin & personal care sectors, to pharmaceutical, veterinary, food and beverage, oil and gas industries and the agricultural sector, among others. In each industry we offer an aloe product or an aloe-based solution.

Aloetrade America also distributes in several markets aloe dietary supplements, aloe cosmetics, aloe spa products, aloe foods, aloe beverages, animal nutrition aloe products, animal feed from aloe, aloe oil, aloe sap, aloe paste, liquid aloin, aloin powder and aloe-based formulas used in several industrial sectors, from chemical industry to oil and gas industry for conventional and unconventional oil wells and pipelines.

Aloetrade America LLC also operates and franchises aloe signature services for spas at luxury hotels, vacation resorts, urban spas, golf spas, cruise ship lines, and selected condos, residences and villages worldwide. All our aloe knowledge focused to the hospitality industry.

As a result of our experience into the aloe business, Aloetrade America also offer technologies and technical assistance services to investors interested to invest in aloe cultivation, aloe production and aloe processing business.

Our main production and sourcing locations are located in several Latin American countries -basically Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Brazil, Argentina and Uruguay, the United States, the Caribbbean, Spain, Greece and Switzerland.

Through several agreements with local partners and Aloetrade Latin America SA and Aloetrade Europe, we manage aloe plantations in some countries.

We also have technology agreements with several aloe processing companies, where Aloetrade America gives technical assistance and know how to manufacture certain aloe-based products, mainly for the oil and gas industry, fire fighting industry, water treatment industry and fertilizer industry. 

Main offices are located in United States (Miami), with representative offices in Argentina (Buenos Aires), Mexico (Guadalajara) and Venezuela (Caracas), and sales representatives in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Spain.

In the aloe raw materials market, we are a bulk ingredient supplier to industries demanding aloe, while for the aloe finished products we just offer different aloeproducts to wholesalers and retailers.

The aloe products offered to final consumers are available through our varios e-commerce sites, namely:

Hoodia Latina is a site devoted to nutrition, dieting & weight loss, offering information, articles, news and on line sales of Hoodia Gordonii diet pills, aloe vera, chia, noni and blueberry products.
The site is focused mainly into the hispanic and latino community in the United States, and to consumers in Latin American countries.
dh logo
Dieta Hoodia is an on-line store focusing on nutrition and weight loss, selling hoodia gordonii, aloe vera and other natural products in European countries.

Hoodia California is a site focused on Hoodia Gordonii and aloe serving California, USA.

Aloetrade is a supplier of aloe products in Argentina and various other Latin American countries.

Aloe-Spa offer information, aloe products and aloe based services for spa markets.

Our "Aloe-Spa Salute per Aloe" products and services are only for sale to hospitality industry customers, not individuals.

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Aloe Products

Aloetrade America offers both aloe raw materials in bulk and finished aloe products for wholesale and retail.

We supply aloe products in different presentations and for different industries.

Aloetrade America is a raw material supplier of aloe vera juices, aloe vera gel, aloe vera oil, aloe  concentrates, aloe powders and aloe formulas for certain industries.

Aloetrade America is a supplier of retail goods such as aloe vera juices, aloe drinks, aloe vera gel, aloe cosmetics and aloe  foods.

Main industries where we sell our aloe products are the following:

  • Nutraceutical

In the nutraceutical industry we sell aloe juice 1X, aloe concentrates and aloe powders.

  • Cosmeceutical

For the cosmeceutical industry we supply aloe concentrates and aloe powders.

  • Hair care

We sell aloe concentrates-mostly aloe 40X- and aloe powders to formulate hair shampoos, hair conditioners, hair gels and hair creams.

  • Body & Skin care

For body and skin care products, we usually supply aloe concentrates and aloe powders, mostly spray dried aloe powder.

  • Cosmetics & Personal care

The cosmetic and personal care industry requires mostly aloe concentrates (aloe 10X, aloe 30X and aloe 40X), aloe oil and aloe powders, mostly 100X or 200X spray dried aloe powder.

  • Health and Pharmaceutical

We sell aloe concentrates such as aloe 40X and aloe powders, mostly freeze dried aloe powder.

  • Veterinary

Depending on the formulation, we offer aloe juice 1X, aloe concentrates 40X or aloe powders.

  • Functional Foods & Beverages

Typically we offer aloe juices 1X, with or without pulp, aloe spray dried powders and aloe cubes, aloe fillets or aloe dices.

  • Beverage -Alcoholic and Non-Alcoholic-

Depending on the product to formulate, we offer aloe juice 1X, aloe concentrates, aloe powders, aloe sap or aloe paste.

  • Fertilizer

We offer specific aloe based formulas for the formulation of fertilizers.

  • Fruit Industry

We offer specific aloe based formulas for use in fruit coating and fruit preservation.

  • Oil and Gas

We offer several specific aloe based formulas for oil and gas industry, both for the conventional and unconventional oil and gas production. Some special aloe blends are used to formulate eco friendly hydraulic fracturing fluids.

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Aloetrade International Production

Aloetrade America main objective is to sell and distribute aloe products.

We have preferential access to raw materials and manufactured products, from the commonly traded aloe gel to aloe retail products, because we provide technical assistance (directly or thru our representatives) to various aloe growers and aloe processing companies in other markets.

Our network is as follows:


Through a technical assistance agreement, Aloetrade America is involved in the aloe processing operations of Aloemex, based in Juchipila, Zacatecas state. Main products manufactured there or under maquila process are aloe juices and aloe powder as raw material for other industries.

Under joint venture agreement, Aloetrade sources aloin from Mexico for international markets.


Through a technical assistance agreement, Aloetrade America is involved into the project development and plant erection of a new aloe processing unit in the Sucre state, mainly to produce aloe for veterinary markets and food related products.

In agreement with M&R Venezuelan Trading and UCOPRINSA, Aloetrade sells various aloe products to world markets.

Through other producers we also subcontract the production of aloe bitter sap (liquid) and aloe paste in Falcón and Lara states in Venezuela.


Through Aloetrade in Argentina (independent firm from Argentina), Aloetrade America is involved into the development of new aloe products for food and beverage industries, mostly by using the aloe saponaria variety. Also, we get direct access to aloe juices and aloe powders.


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Aloetrade - International Sourcing

Besides the international production controlled by Aloetrade America, we are also sourced from other parts of the world, in order to meet adequately the actual demand requirements, which varies extensively from different aloe products and industrial uses.

United States

We source different aloe specific concentrations (40X, 50X and others) from various suppliers. Also some of our retail and spa products are manufactured in the United States.


Aloetrade America sell specific products from other aloe suppliers, mostly aloe juices, 200X liophilized and concentrated aloes (100X, 50X, 20X), and aloe preparations with other aditives. The industrial facilities for these suppliers are located in Tamaulipas, Mérida and Yucatán. Some of this products are organic certified for USA, European Union and Japanese markets.


Through the liaison office Aloetrade, Aloetrade America has joint cooperation agreements with CAPYC and Italpharma, the only two aloe processors in such country, to manufacture different aloe products in bulk and retail products. Some other products with spray dried process are subcontracted in other industrial firms.

Aloetrade Plantation at Cordoba province.


The aloe leaves come mainly form the Aloetrade plantation and goes to CAPYC and Italpharma processing plants.

Aloetrade America has also an industrial agreement with Warm Laboratories to manufacture aloe cosmetics and spa products in Argentina.


We sell various aloe products (juices, gel, powders, concentrates and aloe paste (with high aloin content) from venezuelan origin. Aloetrade America has a joint cooperation agreement with PIZCA and purchasing agreements with other small suppliers located in Sucre, Falcón, Lara, Anzóategui and Zulia states.