Aloetrade Aloe Products

Solapas principales

Our Product Line

Aloetrade America LLC distributes different aloe based product lines for several industries. We offer sustainable and green products to the following sectors:

Aloe Sustainable Products for Agriculture

Aloe Sustainable Products for Animal Nutrition

Aloe Sustainable Products for Oil & Gas Industry

Aloe Sustainable Products for Fracking Industry 

Aloe Sustainable Products for Power Stations

Aloe Sustainable Products for Mining Sector 

Aloe Sustainable Products for Water and Wastewater Treatment Sector 

Aloe Products for the Food and Beverage Sector

Aloe Projects and Solutions for Greener Cities


Our aloe based products are manufactured under our know how, trade secrets and/or technological control, by companies in Mexico and Argentina.

Our Products

Aloetrade America LLC also offers services in the aloe business. We offer development of turnkey projects, both agricultural and industrial, technical assistance to aloe producers and processors, and development of business plans and investment projects in the aloe business. Thanks to the experience accumulated in similar projects during the last 25 years, Aloetrade America LLC also offers services for the development of agricultural projects. Read more information on our services page.

For more information on our product lines, please write to info (at) or send a message via the Contact Form