Study on the Natural Macromolecular Flocculant of Aloe

Study on the Natural Macromolecular Flocculant of Aloe

Author: GuoHuanHuan
Tutor: YuMaHong
School: Nanjing University of Technology and Engineering
Course: Environmental Engineering
Keywords: Aloe Flocculant Preparation Flocculation performance
CLC: X703.5
Type: Master's thesis
Year: 2008



This selection is a rich source of inexpensive natural polymer plant Aloe vera , to study the flocculation performance . Prepared aloe vera gel , aloe polysaccharides and aloe vera powder three forms flocculant, and aloe polysaccharides extraction method to determine the highest alcohol precipitation at room temperature of the extraction rate of polysaccharide was 12.27% . The three aloe flocculant preparation for the study , the beaker stirring method , kaolin simulated water samples for flocculation experiments . The experimental results show that the best flocculation effect of the aloe vera gel , the optimum amount of 0.75mg / L, turbidity removal rate reached 99.08% . Study the impact of different factors on the flocculation properties of aloe vera , the results show that the aloe adapt to a wide range of pH values ??in the range of pH = 3 to 11 of the turbidity removal efficiency of 92% , while the aloe high turbidity water simulation the kind of treatment is better than the low turbidity analog water samples . The aloe vera, ferric sulfate , PFS and flocculating performance results show that the aloe flocculation performance is good , with less settlement rate of floc floc larger and so on . Best aloe with ferric sulfate , ferric sulfate , polyacrylamide flocculation effect of the compound , the results show that the flocculation effect of aloe vera and ferric sulfate complex , the optimum amount of aloe vera and ferric sulfate were 1.68 mg / L and 20 mg / L , turbidity removal efficiency of 99.12% . Nanjing University of Science and Technology Friendship River wastewater treatment , preliminary study on the effect of the practical application of aloe , results showed that the effect of Aloe turbidity removal , can remove part of the COD complex with ferric sulfate better , aloe vera with ferric sulfate dosage to 4 mg / L and 15 mg / L when the turbidity removal efficiency for 93.44 % , COD removal rate reached 64.34% . Aloe vera gel stabilization of a preliminary study results show that potassium sorbate , citric acid, activated carbon adsorption treatment , under refrigeration , aloe vera gel save up to 18d . Aloe vera gel stabilization treatment placed 14d , the flocculation effect is still maintained at above 90% , maintaining a good flocculating activity .

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