Aloe plantations in Spain

Aloe plantations in Spain - Where are the aloe plantations located in Spain?

Aloe plantations in Spain are mainly concentrated in the Canary Islands, Cordoba province and certain regions along the Mediterranean coast.

In Spain, it is estimated that there are about 500 to 600 hectares planted with aloe. They are estimates since there are no official records or statistics for the sector.

After the Canary Islands and Cordoba, the regions of Almeria and Murcia are the next in volume of aloe plantations.

Aloe based solutions for green cities

Aloe based solutions for green cities

Aloe is a versatile plant that can be used for a variety of purposes, including in the development of green cities.

There are some aloe-based solutions for green cities:

A. Air purification

Aloe vera can be used to purify the air. Aloe vera has been shown to remove harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde and benzene from the air. By placing aloe vera plants in homes and offices, we can help improve indoor air quality and promote healthier living spaces.

Aloe Based Ideas, Projects and Solutions for Greener Cities

Aloe Based Ideas, Projects and Solutions for Greener Cities

Aloe Vera has many potential applications in promoting green cities. Aloetrade America offers ideas, projects and solutions for cities around the world interested to become greener with plant based solutions.

We offer a range of products and services for cities trying to become green or to green cities improving their sustainable services or infrastructure. In all cases, our aloe-based solutions are integrated to the green infrastructure for the final benefits of their residents.

Aloetrade Services

Aloetrade America Services

Turn Key Projects 

Aloetrade America LLC offers the preparation of complete aloe vera turn key projects, both for agriculture projects and for industrial projects.

In agricultural projects, we help investors from the beginning of a project to the final completion phase when aloe vera plantations are established.  

In industrial projects, we offer services starting with the project design until the final completion of the processing plant. In some cases, when a customer intends to develop an Investment Project, and intend to buy the machinery, equipment, and technical assistance, we may prepare a complete package as a Turn Key Project which involves all such components. Otherwise, we may provide just the investment project alone -the Business Plan-, or the machinery sale. 

Aloetrade Technical Assistance 

Aloetrade America offer technical assistance to aloe growers and aloe processors, selling industrial intelligence through know how and technical asistance contracts, and through training materials.

Development of Investment Projects - Business Plans 

Aloetrade America develops Investment Projects (mainly as Feasibility Studies or Business Plans) to those companies or individuals interested in to start up aloe industrial facilities, to process the aloe leaves and transform them in aloe industrial products, be as raw materials or finished goods.

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